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Is Your Child Ready for Preschool?

Parents can employ the "PIECE" method to gauge their 3-year-old's readiness for preschool enrollment. This framework encompasses:

"P" for Potty-trained: Children should be mostly toilet trained upon entering preschool, with allowances for pull-ups initially.


"I" for Independent play: They should be able to engage in short activities with peers and navigate the play time with minimal adult guidance.


"E" for Expressive communication: Kids should express needs and feelings in a way understandable to adults, showing basic understanding of instructions and empathy towards others.


"C" for Concentration ability: Preschoolers should focus on activities for short periods, following directions and tasks without excessive distraction.


"E" for Emotionally ready: Children should exhibit readiness to separate from caregivers for short periods of time, showing eagerness and willingness to socialize with peers.

While proficiency in these areas isn't mandatory for enrollment, parents can use this guide to inform their decision.

Preschool - PRE-K3

Welcome to Faithful Foundations Preschool & Kindergarten, where the journey of education begins at the tender age of three! Our dedicated 3-year-old program, guided by the renowned Abeka preschool curriculum, is more than just playtime – it's a vibrant exploration of learning.


Picture this: your little one laughing and learning alongside friendly characters like Amber Lamb and Button Bear. Together, they dive into the exciting world of phonics, numbers, art, poetry, and even stories from the Bible.


We believe that building a strong educational foundation is key from the get-go. That's why at Faithful Foundations, we're all about igniting that spark of curiosity and laying the groundwork for a lifetime of learning adventures.


Come join us as we nurture young minds and embark on this exciting journey together! Take a peek below for a sneak peek at what our program offers:

Number Skills with Button Bear

Early Math & Number Skills

Numbers and Skills with Button Bear helps three-year-olds sharpen their
listening skills, follow directions, and practice hand-eye coordination as
they learn number concepts 1–15. Children enjoy tracing pathways, doing
dot-to-dot, and coloring large, simple forms on these skill sheets.

Competencies Covered in this book: 

  • Count from 1–20

  •  Understand number concepts 1–15:

  •  Counting objects

  •  Number recognition

  •  Proper sequence

Apple lesson example

Language Arts: Phonics

"Letters and Sounds for 3s" is the perfect introduction to the ABCs for three-year-olds. In this engaging book, each new letter is brought to life by a friendly animal alphabet friend, making learning fun and memorable. Through interactive activities, children not only recognize letters but also grasp their corresponding sounds, laying a strong foundation for reading and language development.


Moreover, "Letters and Sounds for 3s" goes beyond letter recognition. It's designed to cultivate early writing skills, teaching children letter formation and enhancing hand-eye coordination. Whether they're tracing letters or gluing items to them, children are actively involved in the learning process, fostering a sense of achievement and confidence as they embark on their literacy journey.

Letters and Sounds Cover

Competencies Covered in this book: 

  • Recognize each ­ letter’s shape and sound

  • Trace letter shapes

  • Glue objects on letter shape

  • Learn a song for each letter

Amber Lamb curriculum

Competencies Covered in this Book:

  • Recognize 8 colors: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, black, brown

  • Recognize 4 shapes: square, circle, rectangle, triangle

  • Apply proper colors to guided practice activities

  • Reinforce Language Development topics

  • Coloring, gluing, taping, applying glitter

  • Associate groups of objects with colors

  • Develop comprehension by answering thinking questions

  • Coloring in the lines

  • Finger painting, sponge painting

  • 3-D Objects

Arts & Crafts

In "Child Art for 3s," three-year-olds embark on a colorful journey of creativity and skill development. This engaging resource not only introduces children to colors and shapes but also nurtures their ability to follow directions and enhances hand-eye coordination through exciting art projects.


Designed with preschoolers in mind, the pictures feature wide, colorful lines and simple styles, making them accessible and delightful for young learners. As children explore various art techniques, they develop essential motor skills while enjoying the process of self-expression.


The diverse range of projects in "Child Art for 3s" introduces basic art and craft concepts, aligning with academic themes, Bible teachings, and seasonal celebrations. From exploring colors and shapes to creating masterpieces inspired by holidays and seasons, children are immersed in a world of artistic discovery that complements their overall development and learning journey.

Monkey Art lesson example

We include additional opportunities and enrichments to enhance the learning environment, surpassing the required Oregon Early Learning Standards in many of the following areas:

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