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2nd Year - Pre-K4

Our dedicated preschool program for K4 acts as a crucial bridge between the preschool experience and kindergarten. It provides a comprehensive and structured curriculum that prepares children for the challenges and expectations of kindergarten while still nurturing their developmental needs and fostering a love for learning. Through engaging activities, age-appropriate lessons, and interactive experiences, the K4 program equips children with the academic, social, and emotional skills they need to thrive in kindergarten and beyond.

ABC 123

Phonics & Number Skills

In K4, children embark on a journey to grasp the fundamentals of numbers. Throughout the year, they develop the ability to count from 1 to 100, identify numbers 1–20, differentiate between before and after numbers, and solve basic combinations. With the help of resources like ABC-123, children engage in practice activities that reinforce these concepts. From counting and coloring familiar objects to mastering the formation of numbers 1 to 20, children are guided towards numerical proficiency in an interactive and enjoyable manner.

In the journey of learning numbers, our K4 program lays strong foundational blocks by:

Introducing object counting to establish the basics.

  • Guiding children to recognize numbers 1–20.

  • Fostering understanding of concepts 1–20

  • Enhancing observation, listening, and motor skills through interactive counting activities like clapping, jumping, and hopping.

  • Practicing counting by ones up to 100.

  • Encouraging the writing of numbers 1–20.

  • Helping children associate concrete objects and pictorial representations with numbers.

  • Developing concepts of patterning and sequencing through colors, shapes, and numbers.

  • Reinforcing number sequences through dot-to-dot connections, promoting logical thinking and numerical understanding. 

In our K4 curriculum, we prioritize hands-on learning experiences to make numbers come alive for young learners, laying the groundwork for their mathematical journey ahead.

In our curriculum, children explore the concepts of comparison, addition, and geometry in engaging and interactive ways. Here's what they'll learn:



  • Understanding larger and smaller quantities.

  • Identifying before and after numbers within the range of 1–20.

  • Grasping the concepts of more or less.

  • Recognizing the largest and smallest numbers within 1–20.


  • Introducing addition symbols: + (plus) and = (equal).

  • Adding 1 to numbers 1–9 using concrete objects for hands-on learning.

  • Performing addition with numbers 1–9 in ordered and mixed order, in both horizontal and vertical formats.


  • Recognizing basic shapes: circle, square, rectangle, and triangle.


Through these activities, children develop critical thinking skills, numerical understanding, and foundational knowledge of geometry, setting the stage for further mathematical exploration and growth.

Writing Skills:

In our K4 program, children engage in the ABC Writing Tablet and Writing with Phonics activities to develop their writing skills. Throughout the year, they focus on:


  • Tracing and writing lowercase letters of the alphabet.

  • Practicing writing 12 capital letters in cursive.

  • Progressing to writing blends and words.

  • Mastering the writing of their own first name.


These activities provide structured practice to enhance fine motor skills, reinforce letter recognition, and promote phonics awareness, laying a solid foundation for literacy development as children progress through our program.

Writing Lesson Example
Writing Skills K4

In our K4 program, children achieve several important milestones in writing. They develop:


  • Good writing posture, proper pencil hold, and slanted paper position.

  • Careful writing habits, ensuring correct letter placement and formation.

  • Improved hand-eye coordination through tracing exercises.

  • Overall neat appearance in their writing.

  • Ability to write their first name correctly.

  • Proficiency in writing:

  - 26 lowercase letters and 12 capital letters.

  - Blends and one-vowel words.


These achievements signify significant progress in fine motor skills, letter formation, and literacy readiness as children advance through our program.

Art Projects K4

Arts & Crafts

Children engage in 36 colorful projects involving coloring, painting, cutting, and gluing. These activities promote small-muscle coordination development in a fun and creative way.

Develop fine motor skills with:
• Gluing
• Coloring
• Folding
• Incorporating moving parts
• Applying glitter
• Cutting
• Tracing
• Increase listening skills through following step-by-step instructions
to complete more difficult projects
• Drawing
• Writing their name

• Projects include: animal, seasonal, and • scriptural themes
• Projects promote:
• Creativity with puppets
• Encourage storytelling and drama
• Recitation of poetry and rhymes
• Making projects that visualize songs
•Technique Development
• Finger painting
• 3-D objects
• Assembling cards and puzzles

Arts and Crafts Lion Lesson
Little Reader Books K4

Language Arts: Reading

Our K4 reading program centers around little reader books and Animal Friends Books. The Little Books provide children with opportunities to practice reading letters, words, and simple sentences. Each book is designed to be completed in two or three sessions, offering manageable challenges for young readers. As children progress, they delight in their ability to read simple stories found in their Animal Friends readers, marking significant milestones in their literacy journey. Students who participate in the 3 day program will get extra experience with little readers.  Advanced readers will be able to progress through to more challenging material, while students who may be struggling to understand concepts will get more individual one-on-one interactions with teachers and aides to provide additional practice.

Apply phonics sounds and rules to:
• Achieve accuracy
• Improve comprehension
• Read sight words the, a, I
• Receive differentiated instruction with ability grouping

 Build oral skills including:
• Accuracy
• Expressive reading
• Smoothness
• Appropriate pace

Animal Books K4

We include additional opportunities and enrichments to enhance the learning environment, surpassing the required Oregon Early Learning Standards in many of the following areas:

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