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Coffee Beans in a bag

Thank You for Your Support!

Faithful Foundations Preschool has partnered with Mt. Hood Roasters in Rhododendron, OR for our only fundraiser we will have this year.  Our students (and school) are selling 12oz bags of premium coffee blends. You can request an online order form here.


Q. What will the money raised be used for? 


A. In 2022 our students raised enough money with the help of direct donations and support from Clackamas Valley Baptist Church to build a covered playground area behind our school.  In 2023, we plan to use our fundraising money to finish the playground area and enclose it with fencing.  The fencing will help keep kids more secure and safe while playing on the playground.  Additionally, we will use some of our funds to help support two of our extra enrichment activities that are not in the school budget; the annual Trunk-or-Treat and the community Easter egg hunt.  Both events were a hit for our students. 

Q. How Much is the Coffee?

A. 12oz bags of coffee are $14.00 each when you order directly from the students.  In order to cover the cost of processing an online order, coffee purchased online is $14.73 per bag.

 Q. I don't drink coffee, how can we participate in your fundraiser?


A. We have partnered with Estacada Community Outreach, a ministry of Clackamas Valley Baptist Church to donate bags of coffee.  If you do not drink coffee and would like to participate, you can select an amount of coffee bags to purchase on behalf of Estacada Community Outreach to be used at their free monthly community breakfast. Additionally, you can send any direct donations to: 

Faithful Foundations Preschool, LLC

PO BOX 1503 

Estacada, OR 97023

Please make sure you follow the directions below in order to make your donation tax deductible:

1) Make your check out to Clackamas Valley Baptist Church

2) Mark your memo line for "Playground Fencing"

3) Send your check to the address listed above

Q. Why is there a processing fee for online orders?


A. We are forced to pay a processing fee for purchases made online.  In order for us to receive the guaranteed amount from our partners at Mt. Hood Roasters, we have to, unfortunately, pass that fee along to you.

Q. If I order online from a student I know, will they get credit for the sale?


A. Yes.  Please indicate the students name on the order request form and we will be happy to credit the purchase to them.

Q. What if I can't find the answer to my questions on this page?

A. Please contact us!  We are happy to discuss our fundraiser and school priorities with you.  

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