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The "How To's" of Enrollment

The time has come! I am so excited to announce we are now enrolling for fall 2022. We've worked hard to create an enrollment process that is convenient for you, and can be done completely online. The enrollment process is never simple, but we've tried to at least make it seamless for you.

1) After you've requested an enrollment packet, you'll receive an e-mail creating an online account for your enrollment documents. This is called your client portal and you can access it any time directly from the website.

2) Next, you'll receive an e-mail titled "ENROLLMENT INSTRUCTIONS". This e-mail will guide you through the process of enrollment. It outlines what documents you will receive and at what point in the enrollment you'll receive them.

3) After you read through and electronically sign the enrollment instructions, you'll receive the next e-mail in the process automatically. This is the Student Registration. It will gather basic information about your student, your preferences for class placement, and whether you are interested in the optional Friday class.

4. After submitting the "student registration" questionnaire, you'll automatically receive the "FINANCIAL AGREEMENT" form. This will go over our tuition, fees, payments, etc. We've tried to include everything you may encounter financially in this form to make it as transparent as we can. This will also give you some choices to make regarding snacks and discounts. If you qualify for a tuition discount, you'll have an option to select this on the form.

5. You're doing great, next up is the Immunization form. This is probably the most time consuming and annoying form you'll have to complete. If you want to get a head start on this form you can download it here. The State of Oregon requires this form to be submitted on their form in order for us to submit immunization records at the beginning of the school year. If you have any exemptions, etc. you'll also be directed in the instructions on how to proceed. Once complete, you'll have a section to upload the document to us as part of your enrollment packet. NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE THIS FILLED OUT AND READY IN ORDER TO PROCEED WITH YOUR ENROLLMENT. WE WILL COLLECT THESE THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT HAVE IT READY TO UPLOAD. YOU NEED ONLY FILL OUT THE VACCINATION EXEMPTION SECTION IN ORDER TO SAVE AND SUBMIT.

6. Health History Form is next. In this form you'll provide us information related to your child's health. This includes medical, allergy, etc.

7. Consent for medical treatment: This form collects information such as Pediatrician name, address, phone, etc. It also includes a section for you to sign giving our staff consent to provide your child with emergency medical treatment in the event we are unable to get ahold of you, should an incident occur at school.

8. Consent for Photographs: This form gives you the option to select whether you'd like your child's photos to be used in our Facebook, Instagram, or Website photos.

9. The release form: This document provides our teachers with authorized adults, other than parents, to pick up your child after school. It's important for us to only release you child to authorized adults listed on this form.

10. Invoice for Enrollment Fees: The last step of the process is to be invoiced for enrollment fees. There may be a pause between the submission of your release form and receiving your invoice. This allows us to look over your documents, add options to your invoice you may select such as paying for the snack fee rather than providing a snack to the school for each month, and t-shirt/hoodie orders if selected. Once you receive your invoice, you'll have the option to pay either online with a credit card (incurs a 3.5% fee the bank charges us), or send a check/money order to our PO BOX. You child's class placement priority will be based on the time your invoice is completed.

You are done....Whew! 😅 Your child is now enrolled for Faithful Foundations Preschool. You'll receive the invoice for 2022/2023 tuition, but no payment is due on this until September 1, 2022.

Make sure you Like our page on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram, or sign up for newsletters via this blog in order to stay informed. We will host an open house in August where you'll get to come visit the school, meet your teacher, turn in any additional paperwork we may need, and pick up t-shirts/hoodies (if ordered).

If you have any questions about the process, it's not my fault. Tim created the forms and the workflow, so blame him. No seriously, in all honesty, send me a text message or call me and we can walk you through it. I am so blessed to have an opportunity to serve you and your children.


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